Monday, July 14, 2008

Scenes from the “Pretty Boy Fire”

The media is full of major wildfires these days and sure, millions of people live in places that are affected by smoke or adjacent to actual flames, but by far, the majority of all forest fires are small pieces of nothing incidents.

A firefighter wets down a "hot spot" on the "Pretty Boy Fire". Mt Rainier looms in the background.

Take for instance, the “Pretty Boy Fire” in Eastern Lewis County today. The IC (Incident Commander) arrived on scene and saw flames. This was a first for her. She has been quarantined in a wet part the Washington coastal foothills where the most excitement in her firefighting career has been extinguishing warm dirt. She received a career boost as she climbed the ladder of experience in wildland firefighting. It was all good.

A vast number of wildfires are small and insignificant. In the ranks of wildland firefighting, somebody has to fight those, and who says that school is not in session?


Carl Gray said...
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Carl Gray said...

You commented on another blog about Flapjack Lakes. Just to let you know, that trail is open all the way, even up to the Gladys Divide. There are nice new trails throughout the Staircase area replacing trails damaged (or completely annihilated) by the massive flooding of December 4, 2007.

Gregg P said...

Thanks Carl:

I read a trail report to Flap Jack Lakes on the WTA website the other day. I am not sure when I will get there, but I am hopeful to get there soon. Thanks for visiting!


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