Sunday, July 13, 2008

My New Camera

About three weeks ago, I bought my first major camera. The newspaper has been supplying me enough photography business that I thought it would not only be a good business investment, but I really wanted one!

I bought a Canon Xti Rebel body and then purchased a Tamron 28-300mm zoom lens. It is far more complicated than I thought to run. But I am beginning to learn a few tricks. My first photos were embarrassingly washed-out in the backgrounds.

The jury is still out on the lens. I have not had much time to put it on a tri-pod and play with the longer zoom lengths or exposures.

One thing I can't do is set the camera on automatic. The background will wash out. I am turning back the aperture a couple of spots and I get true colors.

I still have quite a bit to learn regarding depth of field. The one thing that I have not figured out how to do is take photos of flowers and such. I don't believe this lens will allow it. I suppose that I will be in the market for a wide-angle 28mm lens soon.

The photos are from a newspaper job yesterday at Toledo Cheese Days.

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