Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pacific Corp Restricts Yale Lake Shoreline

Due to recent events, Pacific Corp has closed 12 miles of Yale Lake Shoreline to motorized vehicles and camping due to a series of unfortunate events. The road was originally operated by International Paper but has become an area for dispersed camping. Recently, behavior in the area has included arson, fighting and a well documented illegal use of firearms. A man was allegedly firing a weapon towards a legitimate campground on the opposite shore that sent campers diving for cover.
Pacific Corp also states that wildlife habitat was being damage by the unmanaged recreation. The company’s long term plan is to build a non-motorized trail even though a group of Cougar ORV enthusiasts are lobbying to use it as well.
The area will still be open to day use activities which would include hiking, boating or biking is still permitted.

Didn't I just talk about this kind of behavior?

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