Friday, April 4, 2008

A Quick Trip to the Trains

Opportunity knocks. Some open the door and some run like hell.

My boys and I have kind of a strange hobby. We photograph trains. Yes, you heard that right, but more importantly, I like to photograph trains in nature.

So after a long winter, tight money and a two day window of amazing weather, I took the boys on an adventure to our favorite train watching location here in Washington State.; Steven’s Pass.
Unlike most of our trips to this country, the weather was perfect and the railroad gods were with us! There were plenty of trains to photograph.

Times are a little lean right now so while my preference would be to stay in a hotel, the boys and I set up a camp out in the woods. It was a very cold 28 degrees which made break down of camp on Thursday morning bordering on painful.

Northwest camping in April is a challenge and I made more than a few mistakes due to it being the first trip of the season. The biggest? I forgot to bring a pan to boil water denying us of hot chocolate on both ends of the stay at our campsite surrounded by patches of left over snow.

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