Sunday, April 20, 2008

Emerging Markets Draining Gas and Oil Supplies

I have to admit that I am certainly more than a little grumpy with gas prices. I hear the news that gives the comparative prices across the country and realize that those in California and Hawaii pay the most. I feel bad for those that live there due to the high price of living there to begin with.

Here in Washington, life is hard with regard to the price of gas. We pay the highest gas tax in the country because we almost exclusively use those funds to build and maintain our thoroughfares and roadways. It is kind of ironic since we have self-service while our neighbor to the south does not and yet we pay more at the pump.

Outside of a few tediously high paid CEOs at the highest levels we will have to trust that at least at the state level, the oil and gas market in Washington State is on the up and up. A recent study by Sate Attorney General Rob McKenna seems to confirm a rather benign situation in Washington.

The first step for Americans is to drive vehicles that can go farther on a tank of gas. Public transportation should be close at hand for all american communities.

The hardest part of all this however is looking at the future. Two of the world’s most populous countries, China and India are developing both economically which in the coming years will bring improvements to their transportation infrastructure. In short, there is going to be more competition for the finite resource of oil.

We as Americans should figure out how to share what we have almost exclusively enjoyed for six decades. The first step is to develop a wider array of public transportation services in rural areas so that the population that depends on gas the most have the most options.

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