Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Greenhouse Gasses Caused By Forest Fire?

So who is to blame for greenhouse gasses on Earth? I would patiently say that everything is. It is a natural part of the earth’s atmosphere. Indeed, humans, especially Americans have contributed more than their share. Recently though, I have read several articles that complains about the amount of CO2 being released by forest fires world wide. Calls to once again aggressively fight and prevent fires of every kind are in the news.

I watched this fire of unknown origin for over an hour before fire crews arrived, expecting it to grow into an inferno. Instead, it gently burned debris on the forest floor, doing a job humans are reluctant to do.

First, I want to point out that fire, much like water and air is a natural part of the earth’s system. Could you imagine all the debris, the disease left without the scrubbing qualities of wildfire? Right now, from Colorado to China to Eastern Russia, the wildfire season is in full swing. In Russia, thousands of hectares of land are on fire and nearly none of it threatens any homes, business or infrastructure. There are a few thousand men fighting the highest priority fires with the help of a grand total of two airplanes.

It is the media that describes fires as devastating,. Yes, at times they are, but fire is an earthly tool that helps maintain continuing life. It is responsible for our fear, our respect and some greenhouse gasses, but doesn’t that show us that we joined the earth long after it had some of these gasses? This planet is full of change and changes well. Humans on the other hand are reluctant to vary. Herein lies the basis of our doomsday observations.

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