Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too Much Football, Not Enough Me

It was a tough week to choose what local high school football game to attend as a sportswriter for the “Town Crier”. Generally fairness to the six athletic programs that I cover is the trump card. This week, it was Napavine. The short drive to Tiger rival Adna was an excellent opportunity to cover the Tigers in an important match-up.

A classic Friday night scene from a classic venue on the "Hill" at Adna west of Chehalis, Washington.

It got ugly in the 3rd and temptation called. There was Winlock with their new found football prowess and a chance to see Toledo prove themselves against powerhouse Montesano. So much local football and not enough of me.

I departed for Winlock and arrived to find a 33-0 and bad news about Mike Ayon. Six miles away, there was a close game in progress the last I had heard. Toledo had Montes’ hands full. So back into the car I jumped and went a few miles east of Interstate 5.

What I found in Toledo was a Montesano team that was a machine and wore the Indians out in a business-like fashion. They scored three additional touchdowns and dominated while I was there. It was a abysmal night for the four Lewis County football teams in our circulation area, but the two Cowlitz County teams won big games.

The bottom line is that a little knowledge is a precarious thing. I now know the kids and coaches from six schools. I am proud to watch their accomplishments and get excited at their progress, improvement and hopes in the rest of the season.

The Winlock coaches and team meet on the sidelines during their September 12th game against Ocosta.

If you haven’t been out to catch one of our fantastic fall Friday night Football games, now is the time. From the amazing sunset in Onalaska in week one to the near full moon in Winlock in week two to the Americana of Adna’s “Hill” in week three, my tour of our local fall high school sports scene is of intrinsic value that should be shared! Come and enjoy it with me!

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