Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gay Pride Demonstration at Centralia College Evokes Predictable Reaction

Centralia College celebrated "Gay-Pride" week and the local community reacted in fairly predictable fashion. In reality, it was the local newspaper that showed the community what was happening on campus in a normally very conservative community.


Well, what a series of events huh? I am actually proud of our little college forging ahead with some cultural events that may seem a little contrary to the local community. And leave it to The Chronicle to foster what I see as a mob mentality. Its photographers and editors presented a great package that put the subject over the top as some have stated here. Just like last week’s local tribute to hip-hop that made so many of us wheel around and go what-up?, Here we are talking about yet another community that is in our midst, but will bring out the worst in the larger community.

I remember one time when I was involved in a stage production. There in front of hundreds of audience members, I was able to pull off a character that most people could only dream of doing. It was exciting to say the least! I was able to let go of fears and fantasize about being someone I was not and had hundreds of people supporting my efforts to do so. Here you have people trying to portray the fun, perhaps stereotypical side of them that they have to hide 99% of the time in front of an audience that supports them. In real life they may have to be someone that they are not and now they get a chance to show it. They finally get into costume, get an audience in front of them and enjoy presenting to those that were present and supportive. I suspect that none of us in this discussion chose to go take in the spectacle. None of us bought tickets to this production. The Chronicle however, took us there and presented perhaps the most extreme look at the behaviors that took place on a usually sleepy campus.

Now look at our reaction. Seems pretty silly to me, and it was all brought to you by The Chronicle. Journalism at its best, worst or somewhere in between? Pretty clever if you ask me.


mossymom said...

You've got to love the corporate owned media.. The Olympian has very little good to say about Evergreen State College.

Gregg P said...

You ought to hear what they say in Lewis County about Evergreen! Education has value, no matter how liberal (or spit to the left) conservative.

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